Sarinee’s career is off to a flying start

It’s always possible to challenge yourself to aim higher. Sarinee is the prime example: today she is a Senior Tax Advisor at Mazars in Thailand after starting her career with the firm as a receptionist. We interviewed Sarinee to share her inspirational story.

Sarinee Niputkusolsil
Senior Tax Advisor
Mazars in Thailand

Tell us a bit about your story at Mazars

After graduating with an English major I joined Mazars as a receptionist. Despite enjoying my position I knew I wanted to grow professionally. So, after speaking with the Tax Director, I was given the opportunity to transfer to the tax team. Once I joined the team, I decided to pursue a degree in accounting to gain more knowledge as to provide better tax advice to my clients. I graduated from this degree in January 2021 and I am now a Senior Tax Advisor.

Transferring from a receptionist position to the tax department is a big step. What made you decide to take the leap?

Before majoring in English at university, I completed a vocational degree in accounting. Once I joined Mazars as a receptionist, I met many professional colleagues such as accountants, auditors, and lawyers. I thought back on my accounting days and wondered whether I could build on my knowledge to develop a professional career in this field.At that time, a position for a tax advisor opened. I applied even though I only had basic tax knowledge and… the team was willing to give me a chance! And since then I’ve really been enjoying my experience.    

What’s been your biggest challenge in this journey and how did you overcome it?

Taxation knowledge is the most challenging aspect of the job. Prior to joining the team, I had basic tax knowledge but it’s only once I started working that I realised the subject was far more complex and exhaustive. I overcame this challenge through both studying and real on the job experience. However, I believe I still have much more to learn and I would like to keep developing my knowledge.

You’ve had a rapid career progression, right?

Yes. So, I started off by helping my experienced team members. Then, I had on the job training and attended seminars to build up my knowledge of taxation. Gradually, instead of assisting my team members, my supervisor started to trust me with my own cases. They went well and my supervisor offered me a promotion!

Why Mazars was the smart choice for your career?

Because I was able to advance my career beyond my first position as a receptionist within the company. The varied career opportunities Mazars offers is one of the greatest benefits for all employees. Plus, there are also so many different transversal projects you can get involved in too. From my experience, I can truly say: if you are interested in something, simply discuss it with your supervisor and I’m sure Mazars will have prospects for you.

Any final words to your peers?

Keep your eyes and ears open because Mazars is full of opportunities and they give everyone an equal and fair chance. Therefore, if you’re really interested and serious about your career progression - seize that chance when it arrives.


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