2022 marks largest Women Leadership Seminar yet!

The global Women Leadership Seminar is Mazars University’s annual programme aimed at empowering talented women and maximising their growth in the organisation.

This year’s edition of Mazars’ global Women Leadership Seminar (WLS) was attended by a record number of 123 participants from all around our organisation. We are convinced that by strengthening leadership skills, giving the keys to strong personal branding, providing networking opportunities, and supporting the development of positive role models, this Mazars University programme contributes to accelerating gender diversity and inclusion at Mazars.


The 2022 edition of WLS


Open to women with leadership potential, in a leadership position or in the making, this year we were pleased to welcome 123 participants from 47 different countries, ranging from senior to partner, across service lines and business functions. For the second year, WLS was entirely digitalised, offering a learning experience to a growing number of participants – our largest edition yet! 

The programme was spread over mid-April to beginning of May 2022. It was made up of a first phase of pre-work, comprising both behavioural tests and a curated e-learning playlist, followed by a second phase consisting of 5 live training modules, which took the form of webinars, workshops, panels discussion and inspirational talks:

  1. What kind of leader are you?
  2. Mazars’ secret sauce: shared leadership

  3. Business Development: the art of making an impact
  4. Becoming a role model

  5. Feedforward


Let’s hear from participants   

Participants enjoyed the opportunity to meet & network with Mazars colleagues, learn more about themselves, gain leadership insights & tools, and were impressed by how interactive the seminar was albeit online.



“Great programme to do as often as possible and I encourage all women with leadership potential to participate!”

Fatou Bintou Faye, Senior Manager, Transaction services, Senegal



“I now have a heighted self-awareness which allows me to identify my strengths and weaknesses and how these can be leveraged to become a better leader.”

Casey Bourke, Manager,  Business Advisory, Australia



“I feel inspired, refreshed, energetic and confident to face my next steps at Mazars. I found the talks very enriching, giving me the space to self-reflect and think about how to apply all these new learnings in a real setting, such as my next team feedback, coordination meeting, or client approach. The seminar was full of tools and insights that I can use to further my growth journey and become an even better version of myself. Please go ahead with new version for all women at Mazars!”

Sofia Orbegozo, Partner, Transfer Pricing, Chile



“Talking from my personal experience, I am convinced that if I had had the opportunity to follow such a training 10 to 15 years earlier in my career, I would have been able to better manage both some personal and professional challenges that have come my way. The session on ‘Becoming a role model’ is the best training I have ever had on the topic. I have even hung-up parts of the presentation on my wall and stuck some post-its on my notebook to see them every day. The power of such programmes should not be underestimated.”

Vendula Pešková, Partner, Accounting and Outsourcing, Czech Republic



“Starting this programme I didn't have specific expectations. But when doing the pre-work I started to get more excited and every following session contributed thereto as well. It's really helpful and hands on and gives me the tools I need in the workplace to be successful as a woman at Mazars. The sessions were also way more interactive than I initially expected, helping all of us really absorb the topics. The structure was super engaging: various speakers, mix between pre-work, listening and interactive sessions. And I loved the international setting enabling me to expand my network within Mazars.”

Diana van den Hoek, Senior Manager, Audit, The Netherlands