Why join us

Mazars is all about its people. Our HR policy has been designed to attract and retain top talent, and to foster an entrepreneurial spirit through innovative, cutting-edge talent management and development initiatives.

Your Years at Mazars, Years that Count 

Are you looking to enhance your professional development and gain international exposure? Are you seeking a meaningful role that will contribute to the development of Mazars and your future? If so, Mazars is the company for you. Much more than a professional experience, working at Mazars is a true life experience. Your years with us are the ones that will shape you, push you forward and leave a mark on you. They will allow you to travel, to venture and to contribute to the growth of a rapidly growing group. You will not find a better environment to achieve your full potential!

It’s not a first job, it’s a first step… 

Mazars has designed an education-based strategy to foster our staff’s employability. More than training, we focus on world-class education and development. To this end, our very own ‘Mazars University’ has been built around a blended learning approach, encouraging coaching & feedback, and offering modern on-site as well as online programmes. The learning experience includes technical training as well as seminars on leadership, management and personal development, which take place at different stages of your career. The goal is to prepare you not only to succeed at Mazars, but to enhance your global employability with skills that will be helpful both inside the firm, outside the firm, and abroad.

With nearly 100 countries, Mazars is your door to international opportunity

Every year we recruit over 6,000 professionals who join our global teams. Achieving high levels of diversity is one of the primary goals of our talent management strategy, as we know that diversity is the number one driver of growth, performance and engagement. Our unique international partnership is by nature collaborative and multicultural, our diversity is a driver for value. To capitalise on our diversity, we need to know how to work together. This is why international mobility is not a perk but should be considered a valuable development tool for our staff, in addition to being of value for our organisation as a whole.

Work Life Balance

The financial auditor or consultant professions are demanding professions in terms of time, personal investment or travel, but they are cyclical professions that include both very intense and less intense periods. At Mazars, we are aware of this challenge and have a range of ways to help preserve your work-life balance, including digitalisation of our tools to ease your workload, flexible working hours, work-at-home schemes, as well as open and collaborative workspaces. 

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International Mobility

Our international mobility programmes seek to develop employees personally and professionally by providing them with enriching experiences and exposure. We offer a range of different programmes which can take place at different stages of your career: