Dilek: a passion for audit and education

Dilek Güloğlu started her career at Mazars Turkey in 2017 as an audit assistant. Now, with 4 years in the company under her belt, Dilek has progressed to assistant manager. With the know-how she gained in her career, Dilek decided to get involved in tertiary education. Read her full story to find out more about her experience at Mazars and her passion for learning & development.

Dilek Guloglu
Assistant Manager, Audit
Mazars in Turkey

Dilek, describe your job as an audit assistant manager in a few words?

‍My job is both intense and fun! Working in audit can be challenging at times, but being part of team, succeeding together and having a good time make it worthwhile. I have a job that makes me feel very good and proud.

We heard you were involved in tertiary education in Turkey, can you tell us more?

 Looking back over my university education, I felt that we did not receive enough practical knowledge of the business world and that I would have benefited from more exchanges with professionals from various sectors.

Two years ago, I had the opportunity to collaborate with the Marmara University in Istanbul to create an auditing programme run by Mazars. I undertook the management of this project, in the hope that through these classes, students would gain a better understanding of what audit is. The programme provides them with the possibility to combine their technical knowledge with real world business cases. The programme lasts 13 weeks and so far 60+ students have participated. 

Why is this project important to you?

I believe that educating our youth is extremely important. Through this project we can help provide the younger generation with valuable insights into auditing and the business world. I feel lucky to be able to do this while I am working. I'm glad Mazars gave me this opportunity and that they have actively participated in the project.

The freedom to be creative and involved in projects outside of your day-to-day is a real trademark of Mazars, and a genuine advantage for both professional and personal growth.

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